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This page contains some resources for the Unicon programming language, which is an object-oriented extension of the popular Icon language, developed at the University of Arizona.

About Icon and Unicon

Icon is a programming language developed over many years by a team at the University of Arizona.

A brief introduction to Icon can be found at http://www.cs.arizona.edu/icon/intro.htm

Unicon adds objects to Icon, which is a procedural language. Unicon's features are documented by its creator, Dr Clint Jeffery, of the New Mexico State University. See the Unicon pages at Sourceforge http://unicon.sourceforge.net for more details.

Unicon Library Classes

I am developing as an ongoing project a set of Unicon library classes. The source code is split into several Unicon packages, as follows :-

Library API documentation

Full auto-generated API documentation for the library can be found here.

A PDF document covering the gui package can be downloaded here (about 580kB).


The source code is now part of the unicon sourceforge CVS repository :-


Other documentation

This is a page about how to use packages in Unicon.

Unicon major mode for Emacs

This is based on the Icon major mode. To use it, download the file unicon.el , and place it in a convenient directory; in my case /home/rpp/bin. Then add the following to your .emacs file :-
;; Add the directory with unicon.el in it to emacs' search path.
;; Change the directory as appropriate.
(setq load-path (append load-path '("/home/rpp/bin")))
(autoload 'unicon-mode "unicon")
;; Define the mode for .icn files
(setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.icn\\'" . unicon-mode) auto-mode-alist))
;; User setup - may be customized.
; Indentations
(setq unicon-indent-level 3)
(setq unicon-continued-statement-offset unicon-indent-level)
(setq unicon-class-indent-level unicon-indent-level)
(setq unicon-brace-offset (- unicon-indent-level))
; Spaces rather than spaces+tabs
(setq unicon-indent-use-only-spaces t)
Some other options are available. After loading, type C-h,a,unicon to see a list of available variables.

Because this file is based on the Icon major mode, it is subject to the GNU general public license: see the file COPYING


My email address is r dot parlett at zen dot co dot uk.


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